Just like everything else in the world right now, The Pit’s weekly heavy-metal talk show Last Words had to take a little breather and regroup in order to follow the rules of social-distancing and keep everyone safe during COVID-19. But no matter how much time we have to spend at home, no virus can stop heavy metal — and as of today, the show is officially back in full-swing, thanks to a couple of GoPros and some elbow grease.

In this week’s episode, the hosts Jordan Olds (Two Minutes To Late Night), Katy Irizarry (Season Of Mist, Loudwire), and Travis Reilly (This Is Hell) discuss the legacy of Type O Negative’s Peter Steele and the new BBC Slipknot documentary (?!?!), and try to figure out why the Trapt dude seems to have a death wish.

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